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Gifts that are just plain Nutty!

Pecans as the Perfect Nutty Gift

Sure they are quite tasty in their raw form, but image them beautifully packaged and wrapped with a special note. At Cuero Pecan House, we have so many verities whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something along the lines of salty; there is something for everyone.

Maybe flavored pecans might be the best option. Chocolate and pecan – what’s not to love? Or perhaps cinnamon is a favorite? Step out of your comfort zone and give orange sugar pecans.

Now, who wouldn’t love a fresh pecan pie? We can make one for you or sell you local pecans to make it extra special in your kitchen.

If you find yourself scratching your head and not sure what to give to a good friend, family member or co-worker, give us a ring! Our staff loves a challenge and is certain to help you narrow down the perfect nutty gift to show you care!